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New England Mechanical Overlay has demonstrated a standard of quality and knowledge which has earned us our certifications from the American Society of Mechanical Engineering and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors. These certifications enable N.E.M.O. to offer our customers the ultimate in flexibility for both repairs and new construction in their power boiler or process plants.

Super Heater Repair / Installation

New England Mechanical Overlay provides you with experienced manpower and will demonstrate their expertise in the demo of existing super heater that has failed, help evaluate the remaining boiler components, rig and install new super heater assemblies, and complete the job by welding the new super heater assemblies back into place.

You will find that N.E.M.O. has worked diligently to assemble a highly skilled team of welders and riggers; both of which are needed to perform high quality work in a small time frame.

N.E.M.O. performs planned outages and specializes in providing 24 hour welding services for any super heater emergency. Our welders are capable of difficult tube repairs including mirror welding several tubes deep in the S.H. bundle.